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Mahalo Manis.  I'll pass it on.
Jim wrote:
> an important critical event is occurring in hawaii addition to many places in the global western world
> is in the skys..
> we are being sprayed with chemtrails daily...
> just look up and you will see!
> here is a educational slideshow link to show what they look
> like after they have been sure to look at all
> the slides as there is a progression to see what the fake
> clouds end up looking like after they have been dispersed...
> they spray off the coast and the jet stream winds carry
> they over maui and they end of in our food, air and water
> everyday...look around and see all the people with breathing
> issues...i believe its directly related with these arosal
> sprays being sprayed upon us daily...from my vantage point i
> can see this everyday ...especially lately..they normaly
> spray at night and by morning the "circus looking"
> high clouds have fanned out and they look like wispy
> clouds...the tell tell trademark is they try to eliminate
> the bright blue color in the a pale blue or
> grey..also the light pink high clouds at sunrise and sunset
> are another tell tell signs of chem  trails...
> there is a good chance that the lung and allergy problems
> people are having all over is due to the chemicals raining
> down on us daily...they are you can't
> see them with a the normal naked eye..however under a
> blacklight they do show of the links below has an
> excellent article to id the substances..
> here is a beginning links...there is so much info available
> on these "chemtrails" if you google them
> thank you for spreading the love and the word
> especially to the county officials  that should be aware of
> this important health issue in all of our lives including
> their own family memebers and loved ones...
> i would love it if you could thru your email list spread
> the word and see if there is something we can do as a
> positive collective...
> aloha
> manis

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Subject: Volunteer farm day Saturday at Malu Aina
From: Jim Albertini <>
Date: Tue, March 03, 2009 10:13 pm
To: Jim Albertini <>

Aloha peace and farm friends:
REMINDER: This Saturday, March 7th from 9-ll:30 AM is Volunteer Farm Day at Malu Aina Farm. Weather permitting we will try to do some planting of bush beans and corn, and harvesting kalo as well as preparing kalu huli to share at the l0,000 gardens project Sat. evening 7PM at the Palace theater in downtown Hilo.
At noon there will be a pot luck lunch followed by a l hour vision meeting about how the land at Malu Aina and adjacent land can be used to serve the community.  There will be a walk through of the adjacent land we may be acquiring for those who haven't already walked the land.
Please pass the word and bring friends. Many hands make light work.
Jim Albertini
Malu 'Aina Center for Non-violent Education & Action
P.O.Box AB
Kurtistown, Hawai'i 96760
phone: 808-966-7622
Visit us on the web at:


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