National News story on Military radiation weapons contamination

Press Release Feb. 4, 2009
Military radiation contamination in the U.S. widespread from U.S. Depleted Uranium weapons training

Army Col. Howard Killian of Ft. Shafter Hawaii gave a power point presentation on Feb. 3rd to the Hawaii County Council on radiation contamination at Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) in the center of Hawaii Island.  On page six of his power point hand out he list ll states and 3 foreign countries where the U.S. shipped 75,3l8 depleted uranium MOl0l spotting rounds to be fired in training.
The states include: Maryland, Georgia, Kentucky, Texas, Washington, Kansas, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Colorado, , and California.  Foreign countries include Japan (Okinawa), Germany and South Korea.

The number of MOl0l spotting rounds the military originally said that were shipped to Hawaii was 7l4.  But on Feb. 3rd.  Col. Killian said the types of exercises conducted at the Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) would require the firing of at least 2,050 such spotting rounds.(West Hawaii Today, Feb. 4, 2009)

Dr. Lorrin Pang, MD, MPH,  retired 20 yr. Army Medical Corps and listed among America's best doctors, said there is reason for concern.
"What COL Killian allegedly says does not really address the issues that the civilians repeatedly brought up.    Besides spotting round civilians worried that penetrators might be used. Penetrators release much greater amounts and wider variety of chemicals such as DUOxides (DUO) which are more dangerous due to slow clearance from the body (compared to DU), insolubility, route of inhalation and distribution through the body via the macrophage lymph system.  The evidence for this penetrator use might be to find DU levels (or DUO) above that predicted by the reported number of spotting rounds, though that number keeps changing.    If penetrators were used and discontinued - what is left on the ground may be of no imminent or future risk to health/contamination - just as ashes from a cigarette in and of themselves are not dangerous.   But they are a marker that someone smoked and in the case of the civilians, second hand smoke, a health risk.   In light of the Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) being real and the uncertainty as  to its cause I think no one can set a health threshold for DUO inhalation.   Or penetrator DU use.  Whether or not spotting rounds convert to dangerous DUO forms with subsequent bombardment of the target zones, that is something that air monitoring is trying to detect.  Once again contamination rather than health thresholds."  Contact information for Col. H. Killian is (808)438-8989 and email Contact information for Dr.Lorrin Pang, MD is (808) 870-l637 and email 

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