Feb. 6, 2009 Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet (BIP)


     It's been over 7 months since the Hawaii County Council passed an historic resolution July 2, 2008 calling for a halt to all live-fire, B-2 bombing missions, etc. at Pohakuloa (PTA) until there is an assessment and clean up of the radiation contamination already present.  But the live-fire continues at PTA with Army Hawaii Garrison Commander, Col. Steve Mercardo, saying insultingly on Nov. ll, 2008 that the Council's action "is only a resolution," and that stopping live-fire at PTA "is not going to happen." This tells us that our community health and safety is secondary to military training.  So who and what is the military supposedly defending?

     On Feb. 3, 2009 Col. Howard Killian told the Hawaii County Council that the number of radiation Davy Crockett spotting rounds fired at Pohakuloa may be much higher than originally thought, now possibly over 2000.  But the Army is clearly not looking for the possibly far more dangerous uranium oxide contamination from modern DU penetrating rounds that may have been fired at PTA and other Hawaii rangers.  Less than l% of PTA has been surveyed and that just for the Davy Crockett spotting rounds. If you are not looking outside the Davy Crockett ranges, you are not likely to find other DU weapons evidence.  The military is stonewalling on seriously investigating all radiation contamination at Pohakuloa and it has no intent of stopping live-fire which threatens to spread the radiation mess.

     Back in the l960s around the time the Army was firing Davy Crockett DU spotting rounds at PTA, the Army got a State lease for land in the Waiakea Forest reserve, Hilo's watershed.  The Army told the State it wanted to do "weather" testing.  The Army was lying.  The Army was testing deadly nerve gas agents, one of them so toxic that l/50th of a drop would kill you.  The late U.S. Representative Patsy T. Mink helped disclose the secret nerve gas testing.  People stood up to protest.  The cry was: cancel the military lease.  Even the Mayor joined in the chorus and the State canceled the military lease in the Waiakea forest.  Today the military is leasing land at PTA.  Of the l33,000-total acres at PTA, 24,000-acres were recently purchased from Parker Ranch. For the remaining l09,000-acres the Army is paying the State a grand total of ONE DOLLAR for 65 years.  These are occupied Hawai'i Kingdom lands, Hawaiian Home Lands.  Perhaps it's long past time to again raise the cry: CANCEL THE LEASE.


1.  Mourn all victims of violence. 2. Reject war as a solution. 3. Defend civil liberties. 4. Oppose all discrimination, anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, etc. 5. Seek peace through justice in Hawai`i and around the world.
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 Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet (Feb. 6, 2009 - 386th week) - Friday 3:30-5PM downtown Post Office

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