cal Mayor Kim on GMO bill

Aloha Kakou!

*Stop the Veto!*

Mayor Kim opposes Bill# 361.

/Bill# 361 bans the growing and testing of GMO Taro and Coffee on the
Big Island,/
/and was passed unanimously by the Hawaii County Council./

Bill# 361 is now on Mayor Kim's desk and he wants to Veto it.

*Make your voice heard! Stop the Veto!*

Call the mayor's office every day this week.
Tell Mayor Kim to sign Bill# 361 into law!

Also, Call or Email Your Council Member
and thank them for their support of bill# 361:
*Brenda Ford*: _bford@co.hawaii.hi.us_ <>
*Stacy Higa*: _shiga@co.hawaii.hi.us_ <>,
*Pete Hoffmann*: _phoffmann@co.hawaii.hi.us_
*Donald: Ikeda*: _dikeda@co.hawaii.hi.us_ <>,
*Bob Jacobson*: _jjaco@co.hawaii.hi.us_ <>,
*Emily Naeole*: _enaeole@co.hawaii.hi.us_ <>,
*Angel Pilago*: _kapilago@co.hawaii.hi.us_
*Dominic Yagong*: _dyagong@co.hawaii.hi.us_
*J. Yoshimoto*:

We will need their support to override a Mayor Kim's veto!

/Please forward this message to the many supporters of bill# 361 and
others involved in the struggle against GMOs./

Paul Normann
808-557-4806 <>


Jim Albertini

Malu 'Aina Center for Non-violent Education & Action

P.O.Box AB

Kurtistown, Hawai'i 96760

phone: 808-966-7622


Visit us on the web at:


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