[Fwd: [UFPJ] No to Bush Bailout: Emergency Rallies]

Aloha Friends,
Here is another email on a call for urgent action in the streets
THURSDAY, and calls to senators Inouye and Akaka.

Dear UFPJ member group,

We urge that you forward UFPJ's email blast to all of your lists. In the
last two hours, 20 rallies have already been listed on the website Click
here to find events in your area
Nationally we are working with True Majority and USAction. Locally,we
need to reach community groups who are dealing with the effects of the
economic crisis to stand with us on Thursday. Send out a press release
and make our voices heard in these next critical hours before the
Senate acts!

Take care,

Judith Le Blanc
UFPJ Organizing Coordinator

*Billions for War & Billions for Wall Street? *

Bush strong-armed Congress into supporting the war. The Bush
administration has spent more than $800 billion for wars in Iraq,
Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the world. Now they demand a $700
billion blank check for Wall Street using fear and threats with no
public debate!

*Bail Out the Troops and Main Street, **Not Wall Street**!***



Thursday, September 25, 5 PM

* Select a location where you will be most visible
* Click here to post your action
* Get the word out!

United For Peace and Justice is joining True Majority, USAction, and
scores of others to take the debate into the streets.

Click here to set up events in your area

Click here to find events in your area


Some on Capital Hill are having second thoughts about going along with
the administration's plan.

*Call your Senator NOW* and tell them to "Oppose the Bush bailout. Stand
up for Main Street. And bring the troops home!"

Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

Click here to report back to UFPJ how your call to your Senator went


Although the crisis is complicated, whatever action is taken must be
done based on what we need in our communities. Tremendous work is being
done to uncover not only the roots, but also guidelines for making the
solution to this crisis one that benefits our communities!

Click here for an interview with Columbia University Professor Joseph
Nobel Prize-winner in Economics and author of the 'The Three Trillion
Dollar War'.

Click here for William Greider from The Nation Magazine's article
on the Wall Street bailout.

Click here for updates on the bailout situation
from a number of respectable economic analysts at the Dollars & Sense blog.

^1 The Congressional Research Service's July 2008 report
on the costs of the war(s) can be found here.


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