Fw: Round one is a victory for coffee and taro!


> Aloha folks
> Today in Keauhou, the Hawaii County Council unanimously approved a bill
> that will create an ordinance to ban gmo coffee and taro on the island
> of Hawaii. This bill #361, was introduced by Councilman Angel Pilago.
> Two more readings ( hearings with votes) are required to make it into
> law. And also the signature of the mayor. The next reading will be in a
> few weeks. Those of you who wish to testify, stay tuned for more info,
> as we find out when the hearing will be scheduled. We expect more of
> the opposition will come out for the next two readings. There will be
> some amendments made to the original bill.
> You can create your testimony ahead of time, so that you are prepared.
> email for testimony is counciltestiimony@co.hawaii.hi.us
> Address all testimony to Pete Hoffmann, council chairman.
> Remember Angel Pilago is running for mayor, we hope you now know who to
> vote for ! Please vote in the primary on Sept 20.
> Aloha,
> Una


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