Report on military presentation at council meeting

Report by Jim Albertini on military presentation, Monday, May 20, 2008 at the Hawaii County Council in opposition to Resolution 639-08 urging the U.S. Military to address the hazards of Depleted Uranium at the Pohakuloa Training Area.

1. General Robert Lee, Adjudant General, State of Hawaii, called for deleting Point 1 of the resolution "odering a complete halt to B-2 bombing missions and to all live-firing exercises and other activities at PTA that create dust until there is an assessment and clean up of the depleted uranium already present." General Lee said training is important to insure troops are combat ready. Stopping the bombing and live-fire would block training. Training saves lives of our troops. Training is essential for safety of our troops. We have a mission that we have to do. To stop the live fire and bombing would jeopardize the lives of our ohana.

2. Col. Howard Killian gave a power point presentation and said he provided material to council members in the last couple weeks. Power point consisted of a "Depleted Uranium Update." It consisted of the following slides: 1. Project current status; 2. World Class Team including U.S. Army, Hawaii Dept of Health, Contractor Cabrera Services, NRC, CDC, and others; 3. Location of pistons suggesting Davy Crockett range at PTA; PTA survey 29-31 Jan. 08; 4. B-2 bombing deconfliction; 5. PTA air monitoring test, fine particles; Dust monitoring study; 6. Environmental study Kenneth H. Rubin Ph.D. Dept. of Geology UH Manoa; 7. HI State Dept. of Health radiation levels ambient survey; 8. Public Uranium Exposure limits; 9. Air sampling strategies; 10. field work summary; 11. follow on actions; 12. Any questions - contact info.

Col. Killian said "haven't used any DU (other than Davy Crockett) as far as we know." 100-150 lbs of DU is believe to be at PTA from DU Davy Crockett spotting rounds used to replicate an 85 lb. warhead

AMEC is testing Saddle Rd new portion for DU. Davy Crockett flew 2,000 meters, 1400 meters from pistons that were found. Jim Morrow has dust data from PTA -- 800 filters. 10 micron filters. Killian said Ken Rubin from UH Manoa said no migration of DU from impact area.

HI Health Dept. (DOH) has air monitor in Kona (F&J Model DH 804U.2)

"No imminent of immediate threat" Killian said he "will meet with any group."

Killian's presentation should be on their website

Army contact is Howard Sugai 438-0650 on Oahu email

DOH Russ Takata 586-4700 email

Col. Killian said PTA commander Richardson wants to invite the council to PTA


It appears the military aerial surveys at PTA looked ONLY for Davy Crocket piston tubes , not for other n-weapon systems or DU penetrator rounds. Several council people questioned Col. Killian. Gen Lee left early. Council members Bob jacobson, Brenda Ford, Emily Naeole, J Yoshimoto, Angel Pilago. Emily made motion to continue so council can hear from Dr. Lorrin Pang. Dr. Pang's presentation to the council will now be July 2nd. The time of the meeting is not yet set. Several of the council members (Jacobson, Yoshimoto and Pilago) said the military should work more closely with the community. Stacy Higa said the real question is #1 about bombing and live fire and asked if Dr. Pang would bring the council information that has a bearing on that point. I answered yes.

In my testimony prior to the military presentation I reminded the council that I had hand delivered to the council offices copies of the Nov. 2007 New Internationalist magazine on DU for each council member. Included with the magazine was a cover page of important points which were highlighted in the articles to make it easy reading.

I noted that I had submitted written questions to Col. Killian at the Nov. 2007 meeting in Waimea and to date I have not received answers to those questions some of which are very basic such as this one. Disclose all live-fire weapons and number of rounds fired at PTA since DU has been confirmed there on Aug. 20, 2007. I also stressed the precautionary principle to the council as a basis for halting bombing and live fire. 1. we have reasonable suspicion of harm from the possible spread of DU particles; 2. there is uncertainty about the full extent and nature of the DU contamination at PTA; 3. we have a duty to take action to prevent harm to human health and the environment; 4. the cause and effect relationships are not fully known and established scientifically concerning DU Lastly I challenged Council chair Pete Hoffman on his bias. Two weeks prior when I heard he was going to invite the military to make a special presentation, I emailed chair Hoffmann and requested that he give Dr. Lorrin Pang equal time. Chair Hoffmann did not respond to my email. At the May 20th meeting Chair Hoffman had an amendment to the DU resolution all prepared which deleted point #1 completely about stopping the bombing and live fire, just as the military called for. it is my understanding that Mr. Hoffmann is a retired Army Col involved in military intelligence.

Emily Naeole's motion to postpone any action on the resolution until Dr. Pang makes a presentation to the council passed unanimously.


Blogger Rhotel1 said...

I just asked Jim Albertini if he was as phony as Leuren K Moret, who falsely claimed to be measuring DU in the air over Hawaii. I also asked Albertini where he was born. If anyone knows more about Albertini and his campaign, write to me at

If you want to learn more about Moret, go to and follow the instructions to use the username and password to log into the Group and then go to the Files Section. There are three files directly relating to Moret - one shows that she really is not much of a scientist, but is all smoke and mirrors and showmanship with no actual facts to back her up, another shows she worked at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory for less than a year as a Senior Scientific Technologist in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing, not exactly the picture she paints either. The third discusses the Gamma Scout Meter, the geiger counter she has pressed many of you to buy and how it is completely incapable of measuring DU in the air -- Moret crowed on her video at the Vancouver BC 911 Truth Conference that she got the military to stop shooting DU in Hawaii because she got you to buy and use these Geiger counters. Actually, they stopped using DU about 40 years before Moret even pulled her theatrical stunt.

AM78_853 - Cites Carmichael & Moret.pdf
Moret - One-time Geology Grad Student at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Moret and Fulk Livermore Employment.pdf
Leuren K Moret, Marion Fulk - Employment at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Gamma Scout Meter and DU.pdf
Why the Gamma Scout Meter used by Leuren Moret in Hawaii can not detect DU in the air

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Blogger Rhotel1 said...

I would like to find out how to contact each member of this Council - Albertini is feeding them the gospel according to Moret; they deserve solid scientific fact instead of anti-US propaganda -- that magazine put out what it was fed by the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium. It made no effort to actually ascertain the facts. They also don't seem to respond to reader comment despite being so far off the mark.

Write me

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