The latest from Ann on Anson's condition

Dear friends,
It seems to be time for a mass emailing. I'm sorry I have gotten so far behind in returning well-wishers' phone calls in the past couple of days.  I am feeling overwhelmed right now.  We just found out last week that Anson's lymphoma has returned, which means that the bone marrow transplant failed. This has been unbearable for us to face and has left me feeling stunned and immobile at a time when we, or at least I, should be swinging into action. What to do next?
  We have been at The Queen's Medical Center the past few days.  Anson is being treated with another bacterial infection.  He is comfortable and is not in any pain now.  I have virtually moved into the hospital. I spend most of my time in his room. I want to spend as much time with him as I can. This may explain why I have not been able to answer all of your phone calls. I have my laptop here in the room, so I am trying email. 
   We have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow with the oncologist when he will tell us what our options are. He has already told us plainly that the options are poor. I will try and send out another email after that.  Anson may be discharged from the hospital soon - Monday or Tuesday, and then I will be better able to handle phone calls. For now, in the hospital room, email seems to work best.  I may not have included all of Anson's friends' email addresses in this message, so feel free to share this news with mutual friends.
Thank you all very much for keeping in touch.



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