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Dear friends,
  Thank you for the amazing outpouring of phone calls and emails offering help today. We have accepted a generous offer from Jim Goode to stay at his house in Paradise Park. He will also pick us up at the airport. Thank you, Bob Akamine, for alerting Jim to our situation.  I feel greatly relieved to have this crucial matter taken care of, and am now mobilizing a team over here to help us get launched from this island. Anson is getting good care here at Queen's. He is just now enjoying a meal prepared by a gourmet chef. It's a good hospital, but it's no comparison to being back on the Big Island among friends and in a beautiful natural setting.
 I am hoping to get alternative and natural medical care for Anson once we are back. I know there are many, many possibilities.  I am now collecting contact information for practitioners who have experience treating cancer patients. If you have a favorite practictioner, we would like to know.

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