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Dear Big Island Friends,
  We are coming back to the Big Island next week, this time to stay, but it will not be a happy occasion.  The lymphoma has come back, and it is an aggressive form. There is nothing more the doctors can do for him, and he doesn't have much time left.  Arrangements are being made for Anson with Hilo Hospice. Much as Anson would like to be back home in Fern Forest, it isn't practical for many reasons, so we are hoping to find a place to stay in Hilo. We will need a lot of help and will be asking a lot from our friends in the days ahead. I will make a list of things we will need help with and send it out later. 
  This came rather suddenly. He was doing so well and all of sudden took a turn for the worse. The doctor says if we don't leave next week, the window of opportunity may close on Anson's being able to take a commercial flight.  I haven't made our reservations yet. This decision was just made about 2 hours ago.
Aloha for now,

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