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Sent: Sunday, April 27, 2008 10:02 PM
Subject: letter for Ann & Anson

Dear friends,
Anson and Ann have returned to the Big Island. They are staying at Jim Good's house in Paradise Park. It is a wonderful place, but they could use your help. Anson is in medical hardship and Ann is Anson's sole caregiver.
It would help them enormously if people could:
* bring in prepared meals. Anson is on a vegetarian (and fish) diet,
avoiding sugar. He does best with soups and soft foods.
* do some of the shopping, especially if you can do it on your way home.
* help with personal care. Sometimes Ann needs a break or to attend to
other tasks.
If anybody wants to get people together to make a thousand cranes for him, he would deeply feel your collected wishes for him.
Anson's energy is very limited, so please call first to see if he is awake. He is now on an inward journey and has a quiet enjoyment of the natural world around him. Please understand if visits may have to be brief or even postponed.
Feel free to forward this to people who know him.
Ann Worth (a longtime friend)
Ann Gleason's cell phone number is: 938-5430

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