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FYI  The latest from Anson and Ann
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Dear Big Island Friends,
 Our circumstances have changed again abruptly.  Anson's doctors have told him that his cancer is terminal and he doesn't have much time left to live.  Anson has expressed a desire to return to the Big Island. The doctors say if we go back, we have to go back next week or it may be too late after that because he may be too weak. Yesterday we were told we would have a window of one month, so I am having to do a lot of last-minute planning.
We are arriving in Hilo Wednesday, April 23 and will be staying one night at the Naniloa Hotel. After that, we will need a place to stay in or near Hilo. We need to be away from the vog and in a wheel-chair accessible place - a room in a house or a cottage, perhaps. Hospice of Hilo is being mobilized so that they will be ready to help us as soon as we arrive.  We are asking you, our friends, to get the word out that we are looking for a place to stay.  I can be reached at 938-5430, my Big Island cell. We are both looking forward to being home and seeing friends after all these months, although it is not the way we had hoped.  We greatly appreciate all of your heartfelt prayers and good wishes.

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