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Re: Superferry Scoping Meetings
Please Note
These meetings are more than "public informational meetings" – they are in fact the all-important "Scoping Meetings" required by EIS laws (while remembering of course that the Superferry EIS is a bogus EIS being done OUTSIDE of Chapter 343, Hawaii's environmental law.)
Who attends and what comments are made determine the Scope of what will be studied by the EIS

Citizens and groups should submit oral or written comments – mention every possible impact you can think of, no matter how esoteric.  Later, everything you suggested will have to be listed in the Draft EIS and reasons will have to be given why or why not your suggestions will be studied – or will not be studied.

In case the Superferry or DOT will need to be sued later, it is important that you and your organizations establish "Standing" (legal standing to challenge).  From the public's perspective, this should be the main purpose of attending these meetings.

The more issues you or your organization mentions or lists, the less likely it is that you will be thrown out of court later for "lack of standing".
We urge you to mobilize the community and pack these meetings.
Jeffrey Parker
K.H.C. Maui


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