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The DOH does not record spikes of radiation which could point to DU dust blowing in the wind.  It is the spikes of DU inhalation that pose the most serious health hazard that needs to be address.
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I'm going to mail you a request for public record form so you can receive information on background surveys. Or, do you have a fax number?  If so, let me know.


For background surveys using portable instruments, measurements are generally taken for five minutes.  Spikes are integrated or averaged because they represent a very small event in comparison to the period of measurement.  Only sustained measurements over three times background are reported and addressed.  


I have not been able to research your question on DU use on other posts, and aside from Ft Hood and Aberdeen Proving Grounds, do not have the information on all locations where DU spotter rounds and other DU rounds were utilized.  I simply do not have the time.  Therefore, I suggest that you file a request for all DU utilization sites under the Freedom of Information Act. You can send the request to the following:



US Army Sustainment Command

1 Rock Island Arsenal


Rock Island IL 61299





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Aloha Russ,

There is an article in the Hawaii Tribune Herald this AM about the Col. Killian briefing yesterday at the Legislaturer.  In the article there is a DOH table about 5 readings of radiation data at 10 sites.  Please provide the entire data for those readings including length of time for each reading, wind direction, etc.

My concern is that you are doing only short term readings and therefore unlikely to pick up spikes which are the real concern. Averaging won't do.  The other thing is that you are focusing on action levels for external exposure where our primary concern in on inhalation of minute particles.  Killian keeps talking about the large pieces at PTA not posing a health problem.  The problem is when those large pieces are turned into very small pieces by live-fire and the material vaporized in the original firing of the DU round and spread by the wind.  It appears you and Killian are talking about oranges (big pieces found) and we are talking above apples (tiny particles vaporized).  There is also no mention of possible other DU present besides the Davy Crockett spotting rounds. There were more than 60 different nuclear weapon systems.  Davy crockett was just one. 

I also requested months ago a copy of the document you mentioned showing all the places in the U.S. where DU rounds were used.  You said you would get me a copy of that document but to date I have not received it. 


Jim Albertini
Malu `Aina Center For Non-violent Education & Action
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`Ola`a (Kurtistown), Hawaii 96760
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