Fw: Ohana Hoopakele needs your kokua! Please fill out and return.(BIP)

Aloha Kakou,
Please take a few moments and complete the following needs assessment survey and return it to me.   (Copy and paste it in a reply email please.)   It will help Ohana Ho`opakele understand concerns on the prison issure.
Mahalo for your kokua.
Jim Albertini
Malu `Aina Center For Non-violent Education & Action
P.O. Box AB
`Ola`a (Kurtistown), Hawaii 96760
Phone 808-966-7622
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Subject: Ohana Hoopakele needs your kokua! Please fill out and return.


My connection to the prison issue is as: (please check as many as apply)
____ an incarcerated person and/or former prisoner
____ family member of an incarcerated person
____ judicial/correctional system employee and/or social service provider
____ cultural practitioner
____ concerned general public community member

Please answer the following questions by placing a check mark in the appropriate space.

1.      Hawaii's incarcerated should not be imprisoned on the Mainland.  

        ___             ___             ___             ___             ___           ___
        1                2                3               4                5            DK
        Strongly                                                                                Strongly         Don't             
        Disagree                                                                                agree           know
Why? ____________________________________________________________________

2.         Hawaii should support culturally based Pu'uhonua (wellness-center) as an alternative to prison.

         ___            ___             ___               ___              ___          ___
         1               2                3                 4                 5            DK
         Strongly                                                                                  Strongly         Don't             
         Disagree                                                                                  agree           know
If not, what do you support? ______________________________________________

3.         Each Island should have a Pu'uhonua center to take care of its own offenders.

         ___            ___             ___               ___            ___           ___
         1               2                3                 4               5            DK
        Strongly                                                                                 Strongly         Don't             
        Disagree                                                                                 agree           know

4.      Please rate the following program activities accordingly, from 1 - 4
with 1 being of greatest importance to 4 being of least importance.

___ Life/Technical Skills (i.e., agriculture, general education, aquaculture, computer training,)
___ Substance Abuse Treatment
___ Cultural Enhancement Training (e.g., Ho'oponopono, Mo'olelo, Hula, etc.)
___ Gaining Employment/Transitioning from prison to community

5.      What other services and programs should be included in the Pu'uhonua, that you feel would heal and prepare the incarcerated to be self-reliant?  (Write on reverse side)

6.      Do you have any other comments? (Write on reverse side)

Return completed surveys to: Ohana Ho`opakele P.O. Box 5530, Hilo, Hawaii 96720

Thank you for your help in planning and developing our programs! www.ohanahoopakele.org



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