Oct. 26, 2007 Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet

U.S. Air Strikes in Iraq Increase Fivefold!


     The U.S. war in Iraq is following the pattern of the U.S. war in Vietnam.  In an attempt to reduce American casualties, the U.S. has increased bombing.  The net result will be more death and destruction in Iraq.  But instead of calling the casualties civilians, they will be called "terrorists, insurgents, extremists, al-Qaida, etc."

     On Monday, October 22, 2007 the Pentagon acknowledged a long-unspoken truth: that the bombardment of civilian neighborhoods in Iraq is an integral part of the vaunted "counterinsurgency" doctrine of Gen. David Petraeus. The number of air strikes in the conquered land has risen fivefold since George W. Bush escalated the war in January, as USA Today reports:

     "Coalition forces launched 1,140 air strikes in the first nine months of this year compared with 229 in all of last year, according to military statistics ... In Iraq, the temporary increase of 30,000 U.S. troops ordered by President Bush in January has led to the increase in bombing missions. The U.S. command has moved forces off large bases and into neighborhoods and has launched several large offensives aimed at al-Qaeda ... 'You end up having that many more opportunities for close air support,' said Air Force Brig. Gen. Stephen Mueller, director of the Combined Air Operations Center in  Doha, Qatar."


See   http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/?last_story=/opinion/greenwald/
2007/10/23/us_terror_in_iraq/ TUESDAY OCTOBER 23, 2007 14:32 EST
Chris Floyd: Rain of terror in the U.S. air war in Iraq




***** GMO Food Forum – Islands at Risk Oct. 27, 2007 UHH UCB 100 6PM Free & Open to the public  See   www.hawaiiseed.org     

***** Oct. 30. 2007 is the deadline to send comments to the Army on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement  (DEIS) regarding the basing and training of a Stryker Tank Brigade in Hawaii.  For Ten reasons to stop Stryker see www.DMZHawaii.org  To read the draft supplemental EIS see   www.sbct-  seis.org and to read the original Hawaii Stryker EIS see www.sbcteis.com 

To send written comments, contact Public Affairs Office, US Army Environmental Command, Building  E4460, 5179 Hoadley Road, Attention: IMAE-PA, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5401,  Telephone: (410) 436-2556, facsimile: (410) 436-1693, e-mail: PublicComments@aec.apgea.army.mil

***** Nov. 3, 2007 March for Humanity 8AM – 2PM Borders Parking Lot to Mo`oheau Park Bandstand.  (Three-mile march)  Bring signs for peace, justice and the environment.  Free Food & Entertainment           

***** Monthly DU education vigils –1st Wed. of the month (11/7, 12/5) 4-5:30PM hwy fronting Hilo  Borders/Wal-Mart 

***** Weekly Hilo Peace Vigils Fridays 3:30-5PM downtown Hilo Post Office

***** Peace organizing meetings – 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month (11/12 & 11/26) 7-9PM at the Keaau Community Center


Stop the War!  Bring the Troops Home Now! No War On Iran!


1.Mourn all victims of violence. 2. Reject war as a solution. 3. Defend civil liberties. 4. Oppose all discrimination: anti-Islamic, anti-Semitic, etc. 5. Seek peace through justice in Hawai`i and around the world.

Contact: Malu `Aina Center For Non-violent Education & Action P.O. Box AB Ola`a (Kurtistown),

Hawai`i  96760.  Phone (808) 966-7622. Email ja@interpac.net    http://www.malu-aina.org


                Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet (Oct. 26, 2007 – 319th week) – Friday 3:30-5PM downtown Post Office


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