Oct. 19, 2007 Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet

U.S. War on Iraq Is Illegal

Lt. Ehren Watada is Right!

Judge Benjamin Settle will hear Watada's double jeopardy claim October 19.

(The double jeopardy clause of the US Constitution ensures that no American can be tried twice for the same offense).  Nationwide Iraq Moratorium protests are scheduled for that day, many of which will feature Watada's case and his stand against the war.  Watada has consistently maintained that the Iraq War is illegal under international law and the US Constitution, and that to participate in it would make him guilty of a war crime.

     Mistakenly, many Americans still believe President Bush's war on Iraq is justified because Congress supported it and funds it.  Yet, as international legal authority Francis Boyle of the University of Illinois points out, President Bush got congressional backing by lying that Hussein had W.M.D. and that Hussein was connected to 9/11.  That's fraud, probably the bloodiest, costliest lie in White House history.

     Also, to start a war, a country needs UN Security Council approval, which Bush failed to get. Otherwise, a nation can fight only in self-defense when attacked.   By attacking Iraq, Bush violated the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907, the Kellogg-Briand Peace Pact of 1928, the UN Charter, the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunals, and the Nuremberg Charter, Judgment and Principles, Boyle said.   As all treaties become the supreme law of the land under Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, the Bush-Cheney presidency is guilty of breaking all of the above, warmongering in spades.

     In testimony defending U.S. soldiers who have refused to fight in Iraq, Boyle noted that, under Nuremberg, "a soldier has a right to absent himself or herself from committing international crimes." In short, if given a criminal order, the defense used by Adolf Eichmann,  Hitler's master killer, that he was only doing his job, is a phony.  Boyle testified that First Lt. Ehren Watada had the right, "if not the obligation," to say, "I don't want to participate in this."  Watada faced an army court martial for not deploying with his unit for Iraq. Watada won a victory when the judge ruled a mistrial…  U.S. soldiers are legally within their rights not to serve there, Boyle said.  These crimes include torture of prisoners, authorized by former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and White House lawyers; the use of cluster bombs in civilian areas; and the firing of depleted uranium shells--- this last also a violation of the Geneva Protocol of 1925.  "It's a war crime," Boyle said, that is "not only poisoning Iraqis, it is poisoning our own troops…"

          Why is it, the more oil Bush gets his hands on, the higher the price?  Maybe Americans would run Bush out of office if the Geneva Conventions made price-gouging by his oil company buddies illegal.

For complete article see http://www.smirkingchimp.com/thread/10451  by Sherwood Ross


A U.S. War On Iran Would Be Illegal Too & Worse!


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