Fw: Superferry hearing details... on Hawaii Island

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Subject: Superferry hearing details...

> Dear Friends,
> I will be co-sponsoring a public hearing on the
> Superferry matter with key State Senators and Big
> Island Representatives this coming Tuesday, 10/23,
> from 3p-7p at the Kealakehe High School cafeteria in
> Kona.
> Special thanks to Principal Murakami who made the
> facility available on short notice.
> Those who attend the hearing will be able to formally
> express their support or opposition to the project,
> which will then be taken up in a special legislative
> session at the Capitol from 10/24 through 10/31.
> It might be a good idea to type up your comments as
> well, to give to the committee, in case there is a
> large turnout (likely) and a long wait to speak. I
> will take all of these written comments back to the
> entire legislature so that everyone knows how West
> Hawaii feels about the issue.
> I thought it was important to bring these decision
> makers to West Hawaii to give our region a chance to
> weigh in on the matter...
> I hope to see you on Tuesday!
> Sincerely,
> Josh
> p.s. Please forward this message to your
> friends/neighbors.
> Josh Green M.D.
> State Representative
> District 6, Kona


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