Proposed Protest of Superferry and Gov. Lingle in Hilo

Aloha kakou,
Here's a proposal for a protest and I'd be grateful for your feedback.
In light of the hugh protests on Kauai against the superferry and Gov. Lingle continuing to ignore the people's call for an Environmental Assessment (EA)/Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) First before the superferry sails and Lingle threatening Kauai folks with heavy penalties for further peaceful water protest, I think we on Hawaii island should have a creative protest to put pressure on Lingle to cancel the ferry's planned trip to Kauai next Wed. Sept. 26th. 
 I propose we have a protest at Lingle's Hilo Governor's Liaison Office in the Hilo State Building 75 Aupuni St. on Monday, Sept. 24th at 1PM.
The focus:
1.  Gov. Lingle should cancel the superferry's trip to Kauai which puts the cart (superferry) before the horse (Environmental Assessment (EA)/Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)  in a very charged atmosphere;
2.  Let all the court proceedings play out and allow the charged atmosphere to cool.
To dramatize Lingle putting the cart before the horse, we hope to bring a cart and a horse, or several, to the Hilo State building on Monday, Sept. 24th at 1PM
I also encourage people to bring signs.  i.e. EIS First, No cart before the horse, Save the Whales, No Kauai coqui frogs, etc  We will plan to go and present our concerns to Gov. Lingle's Hilo Liaison and sit in the office/State building.  Government needs to be accountable to the people and stop catering to special corporate interests.  Lingle was wrong to exempt the Superferry from an Environmental Assessment, and she is again wrong by failing to respond positively to the call of the people now for "EA First".before the Ferry sails.
Please come to the State Bldg. 1PM.  If you have a horse and a cart, bring them along with signs.  Plan to stay for as long as you can till perhaps closing time at 4:30PM or beyond.  Depending on feedback I will plan to do a press release on the protest Saturday night.  So provide feedback ASAP.  Mahalo.
Jim Albertini
Malu `Aina Center For Non-violent Education & Action
P.O. Box AB
`Ola`a (Kurtistown), Hawaii 96760
Phone 808-966-7622


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