Fw: Air Force refused to fly B-52 Nuke weapons to Middle East theater?

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> Title: Air Force refused to fly weapons to Middle East theater
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> Published: Sep 26, 2007
> Author: Wayne Madsen
> Air Force refused to fly weapons to Middle East theater
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> Air Force refused to fly weapons to Middle East theater/ By Wayne
> Madsen Sept. 24, 2007
> WMR has learned from U.S. and foreign intelligence sources that the
> B-52 transporting six stealth AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles, each
> armed with a W-80-1 nuclear warhead, on August 30, were destined for
> the Middle East via Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.
> However, elements of the Air Force, supported by U.S. intelligence
> agency personnel, successfully revealed the ultimate destination of
> the nuclear weapons and the mission was aborted due to internal
> opposition within the Air Force and U.S. Intelligence Community.
> Yesterday, the /Washington Post/ attempted to explain away the fact
> that America's nuclear command and control system broke down in an
> unprecedented manner by reporting that it was the result of "security
> failures at multiple levels." It is now apparent that the command and
> control breakdown, reported as a BENT SPEAR incident to the Secretary
> of Defense and White House, was not the result of a command and
> control chain-of-command "failures" but the result of a revolt and
> push back by various echelons within the Air Force and intelligence
> agencies against a planned U.S. attack on Iran using nuclear and
> conventional weapons.
> The /Washington Post/ story on BENT SPEAR may have actually been an
> effort in damage control by the Bush administration. WMR has been
> informed by a knowledgeable source that one of the six nuclear-armed
> cruise missiles was, and may still be, unaccounted for. In that case,
> the nuclear reporting incident would have gone far beyond BENT SPEAR
> to a National Command Authority alert known as EMPTY QUIVER, with the
> special classification of PINNACLE.
> Just as this report was being prepared, /Newsweek/ reported that Vice
> President Dick Cheney's recently-departed Middle East adviser, David
> Wurmser, told a small group of advisers some months ago that Cheney
> had considered asking Israel to launch a missile attack on the
> Iranian nuclear site at Natanz. Cheney reasoned that after an Iranian
> retaliatory strike, the United States would have ample reasons to
> launch its own massive attack on Iran. However, plans for Israel to
> attack Iran directly were altered to an Israeli attack on a supposed
> Syrian-Iranian-North Korean nuclear installation in northern Syria.
> WMR has learned that a U.S. attack on Iran using nuclear and
> conventional weapons was scheduled to coincide with Israel's
> September 6 air attack on a reputed Syrian nuclear facility in Dayr
> az-Zwar, near the village of Tal Abyad, in northern Syria, near the
> Turkish border. Israel's attack, code named OPERATION ORCHARD, was to
> provide a reason for the U.S. to strike Iran. The neo-conservative
> propaganda onslaught was to cite the cooperation of the George Bush's
> three remaining "Axis of Evil" states -- Syria, Iran, and North Korea
> -- to justify a sustained Israeli attack on Syria and a massive U.S.
> military attack on Iran.
> WMR has learned from military sources on both sides of the Atlantic
> that there was a definite connection between Israel's OPERATION
> ORCHARD and BENT SPEAR involving the B-52 that flew the six nuclear-
> armed cruise missiles from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to
> Barksdale. There is also a connection between these two events as the
> Pentagon's highly-classified PROJECT CHECKMATE, a compartmented U.S.
> Air Force program that has been working on an attack plan for Iran
> since June 2007, around the same time that Cheney was working on the
> joint Israeli-U.S. attack scenario on Iran.
> PROJECT CHECKMATE was leaked in an article by military analyst Eric
> Margolis in the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper, the /Times of
> London/, is a program that involves over two dozen Air Force officers
> and is headed by Brig. Gen. Lawrence Stutzriem and his chief civilian
> adviser, Dr. Lani Kass, a former Israeli military intelligence
> officer who, astoundingly, is now involved in planning a joint U.S.-
> Israeli massive military attack on Iran that involves a
> "decapitating" blow on Iran by hitting between three to four thousand
> targets in the country. Stutzriem and Kass report directly to the Air
> Force Chief of Staff, General Michael Moseley, who has also been
> charged with preparing a report on the B-52/nuclear weapons incident.
> Kass' area of speciality is cyber-warfare, which includes ensuring
> "information blockades," such as that imposed by the Israeli
> government on the Israeli media regarding the Syrian air attack on
> the alleged Syrian "nuclear installation." British intelligence
> sources have reported that the Israeli attack on Syria was a "true
> flag" attack originally designed to foreshadow a U.S. attack on Iran.
> After the U.S. Air Force push back against transporting the six
> cruise nuclear-armed AGM-129s to the Middle East, Israel went ahead
> with its attack on Syria in order to help ratchet up tensions between
> Washington on one side and Damascus, Tehran, and Pyongyang on the other.
> The other part of CHECKMATE's brief is to ensure that a media
> "perception management" is waged against Syria, Iran, and North
> Korea. This involves articles such as that which appeared with Joby
> Warrick's and Walter Pincus' bylines in yesterdays /Washington Post/.
> The article, titled "The Saga of a Bent Spear," quotes a number of
> seasoned Air Force nuclear weapons experts as saying that such an
> incident is unprecedented in the history of the Air Force. For
> example, Retired Air Force General Eugene Habiger, the former chief
> of the U.S. Strategic Command, said he has been in the "nuclear
> business" since 1966 and has never been aware of an incident "more
> disturbing."
> Command and control breakdowns involving U.S. nuclear weapons are
> unprecedented, except for that fact that the U.S. military is now
> waging an internal war against neo-cons who are embedded in the U.S.
> government and military chain of command who are intent on using
> nuclear weapons in a pre-emptive war with Iran.
> CHECKMATE and OPERATION ORCHARD would have provided the cover for a
> pre-emptive U.S. and Israeli attack on Iran had it not been for BENT
> SPEAR involving the B-52. In on the plan to launch a pre-emptive
> attack on Iran involving nuclear weapons were, according to our
> sources, Cheney, National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley; members of
> the CHECKMATE team at the Pentagon, who have close connections to
> Israeli intelligence and pro-Israeli think tanks in Washington,
> including the Hudson Institute; British Foreign Secretary David
> Miliband, a political adviser to Tony Blair prior to becoming a
> Member of Parliament; Israeli political leaders like Prime Minister
> Ehud Olmert and Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu; and French Foreign
> Minister Bernard Kouchner, who did his part last week to ratchet up
> tensions with Iran by suggesting that war with Iran was a
> probability. Kouchner retracted his statement after the U.S. plans
> for Iran were delayed.
> Although the Air Force tried to keep the B-52 nuclear incident from
> the media, anonymous Air Force personnel leaked the story to /
> Military Times/ on September 5, the day before the Israelis attacked
> the alleged nuclear installation in Syria and the day planned for the
> simultaneous U.S. attack on Iran. The leaking of classified
> information on U.S. nuclear weapons disposition or movement to the
> media, is, itself, unprecedented. Air Force regulations require the
> sending of classified BEELINE reports to higher Air Force authorities
> on the disclosure of classified Air Force information to the media.
> In another highly unusual move, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has
> asked an outside inquiry board to look into BENT SPEAR, even before
> the Air Force has completed its own investigation, a virtual vote of
> no confidence in the official investigation being conducted by Major
> General Douglas Raaberg, chief of air and space operations at the Air
> Combat Command.
> Gates asked former Air Force Chief of Staff, retired General Larry
> Welch, to lead a Defense Science Board task force that will also look
> into the BENT SPEAR incident. The official Air Force investigation
> has reportedly been delayed for unknown reasons. Welch is President
> and CEO of the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA), a federally-
> funded research contractor that operates three research centers,
> including one for Office of Science and Technology Policy in the
> Executive Office of the President and another for the National
> Security Agency. One of the board members of IDA is Dr. Suzanne H.
> Woolsey of the Paladin Capital Group and wife of former CIA director
> and arch-neocon James Woolsey.
> WMR has learned that neither the upper echelons of the State
> Department nor the British Foreign Office were privy to OPERATION
> ORCHARD, although Hadley briefed President Bush on Israeli spy
> satellite intelligence that showed the Syrian installation was a
> joint nuclear facility built with North Korean and Iranian
> assistance. However, it is puzzling why Hadley would rely on Israeli
> imagery intelligence (IMINT) from its OFEK (Horizon) 7 satellite when
> considering that U.S. IMINT satellites have greater capabilities.
> The Air Force's "information warfare" campaign against media reports
> on CHECKMATE and OPERATION ORCHARD also affected international
> reporting of the recent International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
> resolution asking Israel to place its nuclear weapons program under
> IAEA controls, similar to those that the United States wants imposed
> on Iran and North Korea. The resolution also called for a nuclear-
> free zone throughout the Middle East. The IAEA's resolution, titled
> "Application of IAEA Safeguards in the Middle East," was passed by
> the 144-member IAEA General Meeting on September 20 by a vote of 53
> to 2, with 47 abstentions. The only two countries to vote against
> were Israel and the United States. However, the story carried from
> the IAEA meeting in Vienna by Reuters, the Associated Press, and
> Agence France Press, was that it was Arab and Islamic nations that
> voted for the resolution.
> This was yet more perception management carried out by CHECKMATE, the
> White House, and their allies in Europe and Israel with the
> connivance of the media. In fact, among the 53 nations that voted for
> the resolution were China, Russia, India, Ireland, and Japan. The 47
> abstentions were described as votes "against" the resolution even
> though an abstention is neither a vote for nor against a measure.
> America's close allies, including Britain, France, Australia, Canada,
> and Georgia, all abstained.
> Suspiciously, the IAEA carried only a brief item on the resolution
> concerning Israel's nuclear program and a roll call vote was not
> available either at the IAEA's web site -- www.iaea.org < [link to
> www.iaea.org>] -- or in the media.
> The perception management campaign by the neocon operational cells in
> the Bush administration, Israel and Europe was designed to keep a
> focus on Iran's nuclear program, not on Israel's. Any international
> examination of Israel's nuclear weapons program would likely bring up
> Israeli nuclear scientist Mordechai Vanunu, a covert from Judaism to
> Christianity, who was kidnapped in Rome by a Mossad "honey trap"
> named Cheryl Bentov (aka, Cindy) and a Mossad team in 1986 and held
> against his will in Israel ever since.
> Vanunu's knowledge of the Israeli nuclear weapons program would focus
> on the country's own role in nuclear proliferation, including its
> program to share nuclear weapons technology with apartheid South
> Africa and Taiwan in the late 1970s and 1980s. The role of Ronald
> Reagan's Director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Ken
> Adelman in Israeli's nuclear proliferation during the time frame
> 1983-1987 would also come under scrutiny. Adelman, a member of the
> Reagan-Bush transition State Department team from November 1980 to
> January 1981, voiced his understanding for the nuclear weapons
> programs of Israel, South Africa, and Taiwan in a June 28, 1981 /New
> York Times/ article titled, "3 Nations Widening Nuclear Contacts."
> The journalist who wrote the article was Judith Miller. Adelman felt
> that the three countries wanted nuclear weapons because of their
> ostracism from the West, the third world, and the hostility from the
> Communist countries. Of course, today, the same argument can be used
> by Iran, North Korea, and other "Axis of Evil" nations so designated
> by the neocons in the Bush administration and other governments.
> There are also news reports that suggest an intelligence relationship
> between Israel and North Korea. On July 21, 2004, New Zealand's /
> Dominion Post/ reported that three Mossad agents were involved in
> espionage in New Zealand. Two of the Mossad agents, Uriel Kelman and
> Elisha Cara (aka Kra), were arrested and imprisoned by New Zealand
> police (an Israeli diplomat in Canberra, Amir Lati, was expelled by
> Australia and New Zealand intelligence identified a fourth Mossad
> agent involved in the New Zealand espionage operation in Singapore).
> The third Mossad agent in New Zealand, Zev William Barkan (aka Lev
> Bruckenstein), fled New Zealand -- for North Korea.
> New Zealand Foreign Minister Phil Goff revealed that Barkan, a former
> Israeli Navy diver, had previously worked at the Israeli embassy in
> Vienna, which is also the headquarters of the IAEA. He was cited by
> the /Sydney Morning Herald/ as trafficking in passports stolen from
> foreign tourists in Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. New
> Zealand's One News reported that Barkan was in North Korea to help
> the nation build a wall to keep its citizens from leaving.
> The nuclear brinkmanship involving the United States and Israel and
> the breakdown in America's command and control systems have every
> major capital around the world wondering about the Bush
> administration's true intentions.
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