Bioprospection Commission Hearing in Hilo Sept. 18th. Please attend

FYI  Below is an email I received from Jerry Konanui.  I pass it on because I think it is about a very important issue.  Please try to attend the  Bioprospecting Commission hearings- Hilo 09/18/07 - UH Hilo UCB 100.  Mahalo.
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Subject:   FW: [biodiversity] Bioprospecting Commission coming to your community- Next mtg- Hilo Sep 18
Date:   Wed, September 12, 2007 11:21 am
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"Jerry Konanui" <>

Aloha mai Kakou,

          E maka'ala Kakou.  Heads up this is happening on our watch.  Let's not be caught in the "Could have, Would have, Should have.".

          Attached are information that can help you understand what is going on as well as prepare yourself to attend and give your mana'o.

          Dr. Lorrin Pang and my self are available this Saturday if there is a call for an educational meeting concerning this mea.  Also if some one has a facility that we can all meet at that would be maika'I also.

          My home phone is 9658394.  My Cell is 6404832.  Mahalo Jerry


From: []
Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2007 12:59 AM
Subject: [biodiversity] Bioprospecting Commission coming to your community- Next mtg- Hilo Sep 18 , UHH UCB 100 at 6 to 8:30 pm.


Aloha kakou-

I'm writing to update all of you on the work of the Bioprospecting Commission that was established as a result of a 2006 Resolution-  HCR 193 HD1 titled "Requesting the Establishment of a Temporary Advisory Commission on Bioprospecting".  For administrative purposes the commission was placed at OHA. 


The appointed members of the commission are-

OHATrustee Walter Heen, Jim Gaines, University of Hawai'i vice president for research; Elizabeth Corbin of the state Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism; Betsy Gagne of the state Department of Land and Natural Resources; OHA Trustee Oswald Stender; Vicky Holt Takamine, kumu hula, UH lecturer and president of the 'Ïlio'ulaokalani Coalition; Wayne Kaho'onei Panoke, project manager for Community Planning and Engineering Inc. and Environet, member of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs and executive director of 'Ïlio'ulaokalani; Keiki Pua Dancell, executive vice president of Hawai'i Chitopure; Dr. Lawrence Burgess, professor of surgery at UH's John A. Burns School of Medicine; David Watumull, president and CEO of Cardax Pharmaceuticals; and Lisa Gibson, president of the Hawai'i Science and Technology Council.


I recently found out that the commission has begun to do community hearings.  Unfortunately the commission traveled to Maui and there was a very bad turnout of only 6 people.  We were very disappointed to hear that the commission went to Maui and we heard nothing about it because we know that many of you that live on Maui have been very active in your community regarding these very issues that the commission is covering.  A possible solution is to to call the new staffer that got hired to help the commission and demand that the commission return to Maui.  The person to contact is Yuko Chiba at (808) 594-1820 or 


Here are the upcoming dates and venues for the Bioprospecting Commission hearings-

Hilo 09/18/07 - UH Hilo UCB 100

Kona 09/19/07 – Mayor's conference room (Hanama Place)

Kauai 10/09/07 – Kaui Community College (room TBD)

Molokai 10/30/07 – Kulana 'Oiwi Halau

Oahu Leeward 11/20/07 – Leeward Community College (room TBD)

Oahu Windward 11/27/07 – Windward Community College (room TBD)


Time is 6:00-8:30 for all meetings but we will be flexible to the ending time.  If the community decides it would be appropriate to extend the meeting, we will be ready to do so.


We need all of you to attend these meetings and to share your mana'o with our commissioners.  They are required to submit a report to the legislature with at the end of the year.  I am drafting some talking points and mana'o for all of you and will try and get that out to everyone in the next few days.  Please call your 'ohana and friends to join us at the meetings in your community.


Here's some other info regarding these hearings that I received from OHA-

The Temporary Advisory Commission on Bioprospecting is seeking your input on several policy areas related to bioprospecting.  Please come to the Community Discussion Forum to share your thoughts.

The Temporary Advisory Commission on Bioprospecting was established by the Legislature in 2006 to make recommendations to the Legislature for policy development in 5 areas related to bioprospecting.  These five areas include:

(1) Prior informed consent;
(2) Equitable benefit-sharing;
(3) Bio-safety protocols;
(4) A permitting and licensing process; and
(5) Cultural rights for the use of Hawaii's biodiversity.  

The Commission's working definition for bioprospecting is "the collection of samples from plants, animals, and micro-organisms to search for commercially valuable biochemical or genetic resources."

To ensure that the meeting time is productive in capturing your input, the Discussion Forum is a structured, facilitated meeting that encourages your participation.  Please come on time to allow for your full participation in the process. 

Your input regarding the five policy areas, outlined above, is essential to the Commission's work on this important topic.  Please come and share your thoughts, opinions, questions, concerns and recommendations.  For further information or if you should have any questions, please contact Yuko Chiba at (808) 594-1820 or


Please mark your calendars and share your mana'o with the Bioprospecting Commission.  Email me if you have any other questions.






Malia Nobrega

Ka 'Aha Pono
Native Hawaiian Intellectual Property Rights Conference
(April 2007)- Mahalo to all who attended.
We are working on a publication that will include a summary of the conference as well as other papers that will be reviewed by a committee.
Call for Papers- Extended- September 1, 2007
For more information visit our website-


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