Fw: Ferry carries radioactive Stryker Light Tanks

FYI --There is a vote on the superferry at the end of the enclosed article.
Please vote No on the superferry.
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Companion piece:
Superferry Gantlet vs Gauntlet [excerpt, but the whole article is
worth reading - vl]
by Juan Wilson
13 October 2006 - 2:00pm HST

>>Pacific Business News reported on March 26, 2005, that with
Lehman's expertise, the Superferry plans to operate a Westpac
Express, essentially to carry military equipment and ferry vehicles
from Oahu to the Big Island on a daily basis. Lehman told PBN that
"This logistical plan will make it easier for soldiers to train when
the Stryker Brigade comes to Hawaii. The brigade will be stationed on
Oahu and conduct training exercises on the Big Island."

The Superferry is intended to transport vehicles and equipment that
could be contaminated with DU dust in the field. After battle
simulations on the Big Island, will this cargo be inspected for
traces of depleted uranium before it is loaded onto the Superferry?
Will the Superferry itself be inspected for DU after carrying
military shipments?

It seems prudent to examine the possibility of the spread of DU
contamination throughout the Hawaiian islands by battlefield
equipment transported on the Superferry.
It's a little better right now [ 33.09% NO]
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> Vote NO!
> The SuperFerry is radioactive.
> The Stryker Light Tanks Brigades ride it. http://starbulletin.com/
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> Superferry
> Do you plan to ride the Hawaii Superferry this year?
> Yes 829 67.34%
> No 402 32.66%
> Total votes: 1231
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