ISLAND. This is a simple but powerful way that you can help to share
'forgiveness' and add your energy to this growing movement here on The
Big Island, in the State of Hawaii and to a movement that is both
National and International.

It's coming up - this Sunday August 5 at Kalakaua Park in Hilo
(opposite the post-office) from 11am - 4pm is a celebration of
'Forgiveness Day' here on The Big Island.

Just how is 'forgiveness' important to our health, our well being,
our community, nation and the world? We're asking the question and
inviting everyone to join us for a 'day in the park' with a focus on
'forgiveness' and what it means to us as individuals, for our
neighborhoods and our communities.

We're The Big Island Forgiveness Project and there are a group of us,
artists, healers, designers, writers, teachers and musicians and we've
been creating a beautiful event that is with you in mind. We have a
feeling forgiveness is the key to our inner peace and to world peace.
It's not that we know how to do it but we are all getting practice at
it in our daily lives. We know we need to keep learning more about
forgiveness and we want to spend a day doing just that.

Imagine...a progam of live music and poetry with free chai and treats
while you enjoy the enertainment.
Presenters will host booths with giveaways or products for you to sample
There will be activities for children; stories, face painting and art
We've created a 'Teaching Space': Take a 20 minute class about yoga,
meditation or something on the theme of 'forgiveness'. There's a class
on brain research and what it tells us about forgiveness or how to
create 'sacred space' in your home.
A Healing space offering energy work or massage throughout the day
Make paper cranes.. for Hiroshima Day
A vegetarian lunch and also a chai stall all giving away food for
free. (we call it 'The Love Kitchen'! )
There wil be art and art installations- Come and see some altars to
forgiveness created to help us all heal and find forgiveness.

And it's all free!

Here's a line up of the performers at the stage space that day:
11.30 -11.50 Jordan Stewart (acoustic guitar)
12.-12.10 Shane Richard Davis (poet)
12.20- 12.40 Iris (guitar, original music)
12.50- 1.00 Avery Mckenzie (poet)
1.10- 1.20 Krista (performer)
1.30-1.50 Dewi Maile Lim (original acoustic reggae folk)
2.00- 2.20 Swami Beyondananda (some comedy and light relief on the
subject of forgiveness)
2.30- 3.00 Unzan Pfennig (acoustic guitar)
3.10-3.20 Michelle Mukai (poetry)
3.30-3.50 Night Marchers featuring Pablo Kulcha

You're invited. It's all for you!.
Here's the schedule of classes being offered.

11. 30 – 11.50 Yoga Class – Lei from Yoga Centered
12.00 -12.20 Meditation of the Light of Most High – Dewi Lim with Cosmos
12.30- 12.50 Three Brains Theory: Brain Research and Insights into the
Forgiveness Process with Megan Magdalene
1.00- 1.20 'Creating Sacred Space' Suzanne Koan, Skies The Limit Studio
1.30- 1.50 Qigong – Karen Nesbitt International Qigong Foundation
2.00-2.20 The Teachings of Queen Lili'uokalani & ForgivenesPriscilla Lee
2.30-2.50 N.I. A Holistic Fitness Fusion Elisha Starr Sevareid
3.00- 3.20Jim Albertini, Peace Activist and Non Violence Educator
"Forgiveness and Repentance. What's the connection?"

We have a Proclamation for The County of Hawaii that day. Here's what
our Mayor Harry Kim has to say.
"Hawaii is a multicultural society whose people deeply respect the
values of the first people who settled our islands centuries ago."
"A Life of Forgiveness is demonstrated clearly by traditional Hawaiian
culture, through the spirit of Aloha and the practice of
"Forgiveness is essential for our good health, healing, and the
general welfare of ourselves, our community and our world."
"The Big Island Forgiveness Project encourages everyone to think
deeply about the act of forgiveness and to practice forgiveness in our
daily lives."
"The Big Island Forgiveness Project on August 5 2007 will be
celebrating the second annual Day of Forgiveness in Kalakaua Park in
Hilo, Hawaii."

"Therefore, I, Harry Kim, mayor of The County of Hawaii do hereby
proclaim August 5, 2007
as 'Day of Forgiveness' in the County of Hawaii and urge all citizens
to join in the celebrations and promote the concept of forgiveness as
a healing force in our daily lives."

Visit our website to learn more: www.bigislandforgivenessproject.org
or see what the 'Hawaii forgiveness project' is doing in Oahu. Over
500 hundred people attended last year's event!

We also want to hear from you if you have any time to volunteer for
our event. This is a great way to get involved! In particular we need
servers for our "Love Kitchen" from 11.30 am! Call us 961 4907 or 933

We hope you join us this coming Sunday. Please share this email with others.
Aloha... from The Big Island Forgiveness Project.
Dewi Maile Lim
Megan Magdalene
Patricia O'Neil Gleason
Jasper Moore
and many, many others.. thank you.

"Forgiveness is to set a prisoner free, only to discover that that
prisoner was you."
- J. Franklin


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