Aug. 31, 2007 Hilo Peace Vigil leaflet


Cancer In Iraq Vets Raises Possibility

 Of Toxic Exposure –Depleted Uranium!

   By Carla McClain, The Arizona Daily Star, Sunday 26 August 2007

         Suspect: Depleted Uranium  These are kids 19, 20 and 21 getting all kinds of cancers. The Walter    Reed cancer ward is packed full with them."

         The prime suspect in all this, in the minds of many victims - and some scientists - is what's known as depleted uranium - the radioactive chemical prized by the military for its ability to penetrate armored vehicles. When munitions explode, the substance hits the air as fine dust, easily inhaled.

         Last month, the Iraqi environment minister blamed the tons of the chemical dropped during the war's "shock and awe" campaign for a surge of cancer cases across the country…

        "When tanks exploded, I would handle those tanks, and there was DU everywhere," said Valentin. "This is a big issue."  The fierce Iraq winds carry desert sand and dust for miles, said Dixie Lauderdale, who suspects her husband was exposed to at least some depleted uranium. Many vets from the Gulf War blame the chemical used in that conflict for their Gulf War syndrome illnesses.

        Congress Orders Study   As the controversy rages, Congress has ordered a comprehensive independent study, due in October, of the health effects of depleted uranium exposure on U.S. soldiers and their children. And a "DU bill" - ordering all members of the U.S. military exposed to it be identified and tested - is working its way through Congress.

       "Basically, we want to get ahead of this curve, and not go through the years of painful denial we went through with Agent Orange that was the legacy of Vietnam," said Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz., a co-sponsor of the bill.  "We want an independent agency to do independent testing of our soldiers, and find out what's really going on. These incidents of cancer and illness that all of us are hearing about back in our districts are not just anecdotal - there is a pattern here. And yes, I do suspect DU may be at the bottom of it."

        What's happening today - growing numbers of sickened soldiers who say they were exposed to it amid firm denials of harm from military brass - almost mirrors the early stages of the Agent Orange aftermath. It took the U.S. military almost two decades to admit the powerful chemical defoliant killed and disabled U.S. troops in the jungles of Vietnam, and to begin compensating them for it.

        Doctors Flabbergasted Whatever it was that struck Jim Lauderdale did a terrifying job of it…  Jim Lauderdale died on July 14, 2006, and was buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  Dixie and their two grown children still feel the raw grief of loss, but not anger, she said.  "But I am convinced something very wrong is happening over there. Is anyone paying attention to this? Is the cancer ward still full?" she asked. "I would hate to see another whole generation affected like this, but I'm very afraid it will be."

Military Clean-Up NOT Build Up!

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