Fw: EMERGENCY!!! Uranium Fires In Hawaii TODAY! Call to Action!!!

Press Release:
Malu Aina supports this call for a halt to all burns (see below) on live-fire ranges given the hazard of depleted uranium presence, which has now been confirmed at Pohakuloa as well as Schofield Barracks in letters from both the Army and Senator Daniel Inouye.
Jim Albertini
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Aloha Governor Lingle and all others concerned about our public health in Hawaii,
We need immediate action to stop any "Prescribed Burns" of Scofield and any other live-fire training ranges in Hawaii.  Prescribed burns must not happen it is a tremenous public health hazard to all people downwind!  The Army's SEIS confirms the presence of DU Chapter 3 page 7
The Stryker Brigade SEIS is published. See http://www.sbct-seis.org/
"Forty-five separate locations showed Gamma levels higher than backgroundÂ…In total nine samples were collected (six soil samples and three fragments)Â…Laboratory analysis indicated that three soil samples exhibited uranium-238 above background levels.  Additionally, spectroscopy analyses confirmed that the three fragments collected are comprised of DU."
Pass this forward and please respond.
Lindafaye Kroll RN BSN

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