Fw: New NIRS report: Nuclear Weapons Materials Released to Landfills

More important DU info.
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Sent: Monday, May 14, 2007 11:10 AM
Subject: Fwd: New NIRS report: Nuclear Weapons Materials Released to Landfills

  Aloha kakou,
       In addition to DU weapons contamination at the live fire ranges from Aberdeen to Jefferson Proving Grounds to Schofield , now the nuclear weapons waste may be entering landfills according to this report.     This means our State will need to do continuous air monitoring for radionuclides from point sources in Hawaii such as:
       All live fire ranges in use since the sixties.
       All US Navy nuclear reactors using concentrated uranium fuels emitting fresh fission products at Pearl Harbor.
       All landfills.
     It's a sick new world because some people in the US weapons program are digging the uranium out of the ground and spewing it all over our biosphere.    Sure this is going to be a new task, to learn what is our actual exposure.  We ignore this at our own peril. 
     This article appeared Friday in the Honolulu Advertiser:
      This article appeared today in the Honolulu Advertiser:
      This page is from Afghanistan, the receiving end of the uranium weapons industry:
      According to the Argonne National Laboratory, "On an activity (curie) basis, risk coefficients are essentially the same for all three natural uranium isotopes....for this reason the risk of a fatal cancer from exposure to depleted uranium is essentially the same as for enriched uranium on an activity basis."     DU is therefore not "weakly radioactive" as the Pentagon and others claim.
      Depleted uranium munitions are prohibited anywhere in the world as weapons of mass destruction under US Federal Code Title 50 Chapter 40-2302.    They are prohibited under the 1925 Geneva Convention against poison gas weapons to which the US is signatory.    They are specifically listed as weapons of indiscriminate destruction by Resolution of the UN Human Rights Commission of 1966.   According to Doug Rokke, Army expert on DU contamination, the Army does not even follow its own internal rules and regulations regarding DU munitions.     How can we allow to continue the use and manufacture of weapons of mass destruction that cause irrevocable damage to the environment and human genome?   How can we ever clean up nanoparticles in the dust?   Who will take protective measures and act for a healthy environment?
Doug Fox 
POB 100
Honaunau, HI 96726

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