Ten Fingers 10 Toes play debuts

Message from Megan and Linda-Faye
(please pass this on):

Ten Fingers 10 Toes debuts 6:30 p.m. this Friday
at Waimea (Tutu's House) and at 2 pm and 7 p.m. on Sunday (next to Ka Huina art gallery
at 6.30 pm. with Loren Moret.

Tickets are $5 or by donation. We  are also giving
away tickets to members of organizations,
groups that we'd like to include in the larger
campaign.  Here is a summary of the play:
Ten Fingers Ten Toes..

Linda-Fay Kroll and Magdalene collaborated to create this .
'Ten Fingers Ten Toes' offers a powerful and thought-provoking
perspective on the subject of Depleted Uranium (DU) and
it is written from a woman's perspective. It features the
characters Linda Fay came up with -all from one family
and a song about Depleted Uranium.

We meet a 5 year old who talks to her teddy-bear about her
daddy. He's coming back from Iraq but something overshadows
the joy of his return. It seems that her daddy might be 'a little
bit sick' and that there is something wrong with the baby.
She offers a prayer that the baby 'not be broken' . . .

This is production remains very current as there is currently
legislation about testing for DU on all military bases that is
appearing before the Hawaii Senate. All are welcomed to join us for  this very engaging theater event!

Refreshments will be served.  All proceeds made will go towards future DU education campaigns.  Tickets may be purchased at The Village Toystore 235 Wainuenue Ave Phone 969 7888 or Patricia's Transitions 933 9777 on 60 Wainuenue Ave. Or Mermaids store 134 Kilauea Ave 961 9991 961 4907 (the Tea House) for more information.     #  # 


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