More stories on CIA recruiter at UHH

More Stories on CIA at UHH
Hunter Bishop has another story on his blog today including photos of other CIA agents doing recruiting at college campuses.
 There were no signs posted saying no photos at UHH and there was No memtion of signs posted against photos in the lecture.  Note that the Star Bulletin names the CIA guy  --Joe Dorsey, but a google search of CIA agent Joe Dorsey indicates the name of the spook may be a spoof! 
I made the point to Rod Thompson and also emailed him that  I had an instamatic camera in my pocket and our Malu Aina video camera and tripod were in a bucket nearby in the room.  I was hoping two video people were going to come to handle it  I had emailed them prior about that.  But it was clear to me that taking a photo would result in physical action resulting in being  taken out of the room and possibly arrested.  There was a security guard standing right next to me so I decided it best to stay inside and protest rather than face removal for a photo.  The important thing is we should NOT have to make such a choice.  Protesting and photographing at such a lecture are our rights.
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