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Subject: letter to the editor...DEPLETED URANIUM ON MAUNA KEA???

Aloha Editor,
 Depleted Uranium has been found on Oahu in two separate locations. Mauna Kea may also be covered with it ...and West Hawaii is downwind.
DU was first used by the US in the 1991 Gulf War, then the Balkans, in Kosovo, and in Afghanistan, and Iraq... also by the Israelis in the 2006 war with Lebanon. The data shows an  increase of 426% for general cancer malignancies, 366% for leukemias and  over 600% for birth defects in these areas. Depleted Uranium is also suspected to be the cause of returning troops "Gulf War Syndrome", and the birth defects in their children. Needless to say, US military and government officials totally deny any health danger from DU, just like they denied the presence of DU on Oahu.
 Major Doug Rokke is a leading DU expert who says each tank round is composed of 10 pounds of solid uranium-238 contaminated with plutonium, neptunium, and americium. This stuff may be on our mountain, in the soil, air, and water, but we won't know for sure unless House Bill 1452 passes in the legislature. This bill will mandate that land around military bases in Hawaii be tested every three months for DU and other toxins. HB 1452 is scheduled to be heard in the Intergovernmental and Military Affairs Committee on Monday, Mar. 19th, at 1:15, in confrence room 16.
  If you care about what may be blowing down on you and your children's children, please educate yourselves quickly.
Look up Depleted Uranium on the Internet, check out the video sites, (not for the faint of heart and must be eighteen) and see for yourself the unbelievable horrors of this stuff and the hell your tax dollars are paying for... HERE and abroad. tell your friends and neighbors to call or email our own Big Island Senator Inouye, Chair of IGM Committee...Tell her it is her sworn duty to protect us and pass HB 1452 .
 A call to Senator Inouye is toll free from Hawaii Island, 974-4000 /dial tone/ then ext. 67335# Email seninouye@Capitol.hawaii.gov
Vice Chair is Senator Shan Tsutsui, same number, ext. 67344#  e-mail sentsutsui@Capitol.hawaii.gov
If you aren't calling from the Big Island, check this site for the correct phone numbers..    par@capitol.hawaii.gov
Emailed testimony can also be sent to  testimony@capitol.hawaii.gov
 HB 1452 must go through a total of three committees, (IGM, Health, and Ways and Means) to be implemented.(similar bills have failed)
 I hope I am just being an alarmist and over-reacting, because if I'm not, I would suggest you stay on top of this bill.... as if your life depended on it. Call now.
Shannon Rudolph
P.O. 243 Holualoa, Hi. 96725


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