Fw: [demilnet_Hawaii] they can't stand the light of day

FYI,  See below about more CIA recruiting and how our Press Release and action had an effect.  Another university insisted the CIA recruiting event be completely open (cameras included)
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Subj: [demilnet_Hawaii] they can't stand the light of day
Date: 3/15/2007 1:55:07 PM Hawaiian Standard Time
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I have something to share with you. As you may
know the CIA is currently waging a campaign of
recruitment in universities across the US. While
I was in Ecuador I received the following message
from a career center staff person at Mills
College, where I am a professor:
Tengo algo para compartir contigo. no sé si te
hayas enterado que la CIA está llevando una
campaña de reclutamiento a através de muchas
universidades. Cuando estuve en Ecuador recibí el
siguiente mensaje (Kate Dey trabaja en el 'career

>Come to an informative session with a CIA representative to get an
>inside look at Careers in the CIA...
>Skills Needed:
>~ Analytical (Math, Science, computer skills)
>~ Language (Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Indonesian, Korean, Pashtu, Persian,
>Russian, Turkish, Uighur, Urdu)
>~ Strong Liberal Arts Skills (Writing, research, public speaking)
>~ Dedication, forceful personality, adventurous spirit
>~ A desire to be a part of something
>Come and ask questions...
>Hear about a way of life that will challenge your deepest resources of
>intelligence, self-reliance and responsibility.
>You must RSVP for this event!
>When &Where
>Wednesday the 14th of March
>Cowell Building Conference Room

When I returned to work I asked some of my
students, most of whom were unaware of the visit.
They asked me what could be done, and I suggested
that perhaps preparing a flyer listing some of
the work that the CIA has done over the years
(ie, overthrowing democratic governments, secret
torture camps, etc) to distribute outside the
recruitment session might be appropriate. I also
sent to some of the student groups the press
release about the CIA visit to U Hawaii-Hilo,
where there was an attempt to prohibit cameras
and generally deny open access.

Apparently the career center staff person who had
announced the visit is receiving student group
emails, because she contacted me about the post.
She told me that the post inspired her to contact
the CIA recruiter to insist that the visit had to
be open in every sense, or it would be cancelled.
She also invited me to participate -- an offer
that I ignored.

Today my students passed me this notice

>>Subject: CIA event canceled today
>>To: Student News List <student-news@mills.edu>
>>Due to specific changes for the CIA team, we have had to reschedule
>>date for the information session. Please email me if you were planning
>>to attend and I will get you all needed materials...the best, Kate

Seems that cockroaches can't tolerate the light of day!!!

The students told me they had prepared flyers to pass out, too!!

Mahalo for sending out that press release...I think it had an effect

en solidaridad.

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