Call Congress to Vote NO on War funding

TAKE ACTION! Tell our representative in Washington, Congresswoman Maizie Hirono, to Vote NO and Stop Funding the War!
By voting NO on Bush's war funding, Congress can end this war-- a war that has caused a global rise in terrorism, a war that has killed over 655,000 Iraqi and 3,100 American people, and a war that has put our nation into debt for generations to come. The House of Representatives is voting on Bush's $100 billion war supplemental on Wed, March 14th. This is the only way that Congress can end the war and it's the first war funding vote for the new Congress.

VOTERSforPEACE has organized
with numerous stellar peace groups listed below to flood Capitol Hill with phone calls every day leading up to the vote. VotersForPeace is kicking off the call-in day today, and everyone is invited to join them.  Please help bring an end to this war by calling our member of Congress and telling her to vote NO on the supplemental appropriations!

WHEN:Between today, Monday, March 5th, and Tuesday, March 13, see the schedule of groups below and pick one!

HOW: Call Rep. Maizie Hirono at 202-225-4906  (or fax her at 202-225-4987 or email her at  Ask to talk to the foreign policy advisor. If you can't speak to anyone on the phone, leave a voicemail.  Let's let her know her constituents don't want to keep funding the tragic, lie-based, brutal war!

Call-In Schedule: March 5 - March 13
Monday -- VotersForPeace
Tuesday -- Progressive Democrats of America,, US Labor Against the War
Wednesday -- CodePink, Global Exchange
Thursday - Gold Star Families for Peace, Democracy Rising
Friday - Peace Action, Voices for Creative Nonviolence
Monday - UFPJ, Hip Hop Caucus
Tuesday - All together!

Thank you for taking part in this effort. Let's remind Congress that we hold them accountable for the war—and if they continue to fund it, they will not receive our vote in 2008!


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